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Wondermade Brands™ company is the maker of Doc’s Drinks™ physician created, great tasting, dietary supplement drinks.

Let's drink to your health!™

Wherever you go, whatever you do it's your life and we believe you should love the taste of it. We've created tasty Doc's Drinks™ from ingredients that provide specific health benefits for your joints, your immune system, your cardiovascular system and more.

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The innovative team at Wondermade Brands™ is working to bring the latest, coolest innovations in hydration and beyond!

Wondermade Brands™ is creating Doc's Drinks™

Living the mission of bringing healthier food and drink options to the world, the Wondermade Brands™ company is launching Doc’s Drinks™, a line of innovative, great tasting functional dietary supplement drinks created and endorsed by physicians. Our founder, Jackie Wonder, partnered with renowned and accomplished sports orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Neil Ghodadra, and a tenured team of doctors and beverage scientists, to create Doc’s Drinks™. The Doc’s Drinks™ line includes three functional dietary supplement drinks: Joint Wonder™, Cardio Wonder™ and Immune Wonder™ and one full-meal replacement dietary supplement drink: Daily Wonder™. Doc’s Drinks™ convenient functional dietary supplement drinks are easier to take than pills and promote a healthy, active lifestyle. Doc’s Drinks™ will also be available in convenient powdered drink mix packets for on-the-go use. Let's drink to your health!™

Wondermade’s Preschool

The Wonder School of Marietta™ is an on-site private preschool at the Wondermade Brands™ corporate office free for employees’ children.  We offer a fun-filled day...

Meet Dr. Neil Ghodadra, MD

Dr. Neil Ghodadra, MD, is a renowned orthopedic surgeon in Los Angeles (www.drneilmd.com) who as Doc’s Drinks™ Chief Medical Officer will lead the Medical Advisory Board...

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1-844-852-1369 info@wondermadebrands.com Wondermade Brands office is located at:     200 North Cobb Parkway Building 100, Suite 124 Marietta, GA 30062

Introducing Doc’s Drinks™

Let’s drink to your health!™  Headquartered in Atlanta, Wondermade Brands™ is the maker of Doc’s Drinks™, a line of innovative, great tasting functional dietary supplement drinks created and endorsed...

About Us

The mission of Wondermade Brands™ is to create a collective portfolio of complementary, market breakthrough consumer brands.  We develop and market products promoting a wellness-focused...

Our New Office!

Wondermade Brands™ new office in Marietta, GA opens in August 2014 off of Cobb Parkway just past the Big Chicken and before White Water in...
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